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Michelle Maroto, PhD

Associate Professor



About Me

I’m an associate professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Alberta. I joined the department in 2012 after completing my PhD at the University of Washington. My general research interests include social stratification and policy; race, class, and gender inequality; credit and labor markets; economic sociology; organizations; and quantitative and qualitative methods. If you were to ask me about my area, I’d likely tell you that I study social stratification and policy with several research projects that fall under this broad area. Please see my website for more details on my research and teaching.


My current research projects investigate wealth disparities across groups in Canada and the United States; employment and earnings inequality people with disabilities; the effects of incarceration on wealth accumulation; reemployment outcomes in the recent recession; and labor market inequality by gender, family structure, and marital status. In addition to these ongoing research projects, I have also been engaged in a larger project on the intersection of inequality across areas of stratification, which will build on theories of cumulative disadvantage, cumulative discrimination, and durable inequality present in my other work.


I regularly teach stratification, policy, statistics, and methods courses in the department. These courses include Inequality and Social Stratification (SOC 260), Introduction to Social Statistics (SOC 210), Social Structure and Public Policy (SOC 672), Data Analysis and Research (SOC 456), and the recently created Applied Research Internship (SOC 415) course.