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Pamela R Willoughby, PhD, MA, BA (Honours)

Professor & Chair



About Me

Pamela Willoughby is Professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Department.  Her field is Palaeolithic archaeology, the study of the earliest archaeological record.  It is part of Palaeoanthropology, the inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary study of human evolution. 


Pamela Willoughby directs an archaeological project dealing with the cultural sequence of the last 200,000 years in the Iringa Region of southern Tanzania.  You can see more about the IRAP (Iringa Region Archaeological Project) by clicking the links at the top right.



Anthropology 312 - Lower Palaeolithic Prehistory (offered every second year)

Anthropology 313 - Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Prehistory (offered every second year)

Anthropology 391 - Hominid evolution (offered every year, Winter term)

Anthropology 486 / 592 - Evolution and social life.  Variable topics course, usually dealing with aspects of the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens (occasional).