Brief Administrative History

I) Department of Biological Sciences:

1994-1995: Dr. William Paranchych
1995-2000: Dr. Susan E. Jensen
2000-2002; Dr. Gregory J. Taylor
2002-2003: Dr. Laura S. Frost (Acting Chair)
2003-2008: Dr. Laura S. Frost
2008-2019: Dr. Michael W. Caldwell
2019-2021: Dr. David Coltman
July 2021 to December 2021: Dr. Tracy Raivio (Acting Chair)
January 1, 2022-June 30, 2023: Dr. Declan Ali
July 1, 2023-present: Dr. Alison Murray (Acting Chair)

Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)
1994-1998: Dr. William M. Samuel
1998-2001: Dr. Jeffrey I. Goldberg
2001-2004: Dr. John P. Chang
2005-2008: Dr. Heather McDermid
2008-2012: Dr. Rolf Vinebrooke
2012-2015: Dr. Heather McDermid
2015-2019: Dr. Tracy Raivio
2019-2023: Dr. James Stafford
Associate Dean (Graduate)
2023-present: Dr. Debbie McKenzie

Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies)
1994-1996: Dr.  Mark R.T. Dale
1996-1999: Dr. David D. Cass
1999-2001: Dr. Beverly K. Mitchell
2001-2005: Dr. Mark V.H. Wilson
2005-2009: Dr. Cindy A. Paszkowski
2009-2014: Dr. Declan W. Ali
2014-2021: Dr. Jocelyn Hall
2021-2023: Dr. Maya Evenden
2023-present: Dr. Corwin Sullivan

Associate Chair (Research)
1994-1995: Dr. William J. Page
1995-1997: Dr. John B. Bell
1997-2000: Dr. Gregory J. Taylor
2000-2002: Dr. Laura S. Frost
2002-2005: Dr. Cindy A. Paszkowski
2005-2008: Dr. Frank Nargang
2008-2014: Dr. Heather Proctor
2014-2016: Dr. Brian Lanoil
2016-2020: Dr. Keith Tierney
2020-2023: Dr. Lisa Stein

Academic Director of Research
2023-present: Dr. Olav Rueppell

II) Chairs/Heads of Former Departments:

Department of Biology
1912-1920: Dr. Francis J. Lewis

Department of Botany
1921-1938: Dr. Francis J. Lewis
1939-1957: Dr. Ezra H. Moss
1957-1965: Dr. Harold J. Brodie
1966-1971: Dr. Wilson N. Stewart
1971-1979: Dr. Paul R. Gorham
1979-1984: Dr. David D. Cass
1984-1992: Dr. Keith E. Denford
1992-1994: Dr. Mark R.T. Dale

Department of Entomology
1922-1954: Dr. Edgar Harold Strickland
1954-1973: Dr. Brian Hocking
1973-1978: Dr. George E. Ball
1978-1979: Dr. Ronald H. Gooding (Acting Chair)
1979-1984: Dr. George E. Ball
1984-1989: Dr. Beverly K. Mitchell
1989-1994: Dr. Ronald H. Gooding

Department of Genetics
1961-1966: Dr. Clayton O. Person
1966-1967: Dr. W. Edward Smith, John Kuspira (Co-Acting Chairs)
1968-1969: Dr. Jan Weijer
1969-1970: Dr. LeRoy P.V. Johnson (Acting Chair)
1970-1971: Dr. John Kuspira (Acting Chair)
1971-1977: Dr. R.C. (Jack) von Borstel
1977-1978: Dr. David Nash (Acting Chair)
1978-1981: Dr. R.C. (Jack) von Borstel
1981-1982: Dr. Curtis Strobeck
1983-1989: Dr. David Nash
1989-1990: Dr. John Kuspira (Acting Chair)
1990-1993: Dr. David Nash
1993-1994: Dr. Ross B. Hodgetts

Department of Microbiology
1962-1964: Dr. Gordon E. Myers
1964-1966: Dr. James N. Campbell (Acting Chair)
1966-1969: Dr. Wilfred E. Razzell
1969-1989: Dr. Donald W.S. Westlake
1989-1994: Dr. William Paranchych

Department of Zoology
1921-1956: Dr. William Rowan
1956-1958: Dr. Richard B. Miller
1958-1960: Dr. J. Ralph Nursall
1961-1964: Dr. Donald M. Ross
1964-1969: Dr. J. Ralph Nursall
1969-1974: Dr. William A. Fuller
1974-1978: Dr. J. Ralph Nursall
1978-1983: Dr. Fu-Shiang Chia
1983-1989: Dr. Richard E. Peter
1989-1990: Dr. John C. Holmes (Acting Chair)
1990-1992: Dr. Richard E. Peter
1992-1994: Dr. John C. Holmes