Biological Sciences

Location of Former Departments

The original Medical Building (currently the Dentistry / Pharmacy Centre) has housed the original Department of Biology. The Departments of Botany and Zoology were also housed here when these two departments were formed in 1921. In 1922, The Department of Entomology was originally located in space allotted to Zoology in the Medical Building and later in its own allotted space. Proximity and working relationships between these three former departments were established very early. The Department of Microbiology also has its departmental offices in the Medical Building when it was formed in 1964. Thus four of the five former departments had space in this building at one point in time. 
In 1958, Entomology moved to spaces in the then new Agriculture Building (now Earth Sciences Building). This building also housed the Departments of Botany and Zoology in the 1960s. The Department of Genetics (derived from the Department of Plant Science) was also located here when it was founded 1961. Obviously the limited space within the Agriculture Building and the Medical Building meant that several “satellites” sites were also utilized by the five former departments. These included spaces in university-owned houses in the Garneau District, houses along the north side of 87th Ave where the current Education South is, the temporary laboratories south of the Agriculture Building and west of the green house (the trailers east of Chemistry East that were only recently demolished), the old West Lab (site of the current Student’s Union Building), the Provincial Lab (southeast corner of 87th Ave and 114th Street, opposite the Education Car Park, demolished 2003) and the Athabasca Annex.  
With the completion of the Biological Sciences Centre in 1970, the Departments of Botany, Genetics, Microbiology and Zoology moved into their respective wings in this “new” building and rapidly expanded. The completion of the Biological Sciences Centre, in combination with the completion of the Agriculture / Forestry Centre and the relocation of several departments of this Faculty into this building, allowed Entomology to consolidate all its space into the Earth Sciences Building. The current space occupied by the Department of Biological Sciences represents (almost totally) the space of the former five departments at the point of their merger in 1994.