Contribute to the Strickland Memorial Endowment Fund

The Strickland Memorial Endowment in Entomology has supported the annual Strickland Memorial Lecture and Dinner since 1996. These important events bring together entomologically oriented colleagues from the University of Alberta and across the province for an afternoon of learning and an evening of socializing. Academics, government researchers, graduate students, undergraduates, and passionate amateurs all benefit from this opportunity to interact with invited speakers from around the world and with local colleagues. Strickland Lecture topics have included plant-insect interactions, the evolution of host-specificity in lice, how flies fly, evo-devo of butterfly wings, and a wide range of other arthropod related subjects.

Your charitable contribution to the Strickland Memorial Endowment will help to ensure that the entomological community in Alberta continues to thrive and expand. Information on how to contribute is here . You can choose to have your donation deposited into 'expendables' (which are available in their entirety to support Strickland events) or into the 'endowment' (in which case the principal remains in perpetuity, and only interest is available for expenditure). You will receive charitable-donation documentation for tax purposes from the University of Alberta.