Previous Strickland Lecture Speakers

2023, March 16. Dr. Adrian Smith, Head, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. "Opportunities & advice for sharing your science through online video". (Host: John Acorn)

2022, March 18. Dr. Shelley Adamo, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Dalhousie University. "How to Hijack a Brain: The parasitic manipulator Cotesia congregata and its caterpillar host Manduca sexta". (Host: Lien Luong)

2021, March 26: Rachael Winfree, Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers University. "Do we need pollinator biodiversity for pollination services?". (Host: Carol Frost)

2020, March 12. Jennifer Thaler, Departments of Entomology and Ecology and Evolution, Cornell University. "Ecology of  fear in Pest Management". (Host: Maya Evenden)

2019, March 22. Greg Edgecombe. Natural History Museum. "Arthropod Evolution: Integrating Fossils, Morphology and Molecules." (Host: Heather Proctor)

2018, March 23. Chris Jiggins. Cambridge University. "What can we learn about the genetic changes during evolution from brightly coloured tropical butterflies." (Host: Felix Sperling)

2017, March 24. Scott Sakaluk. Illinois State University. "Food fight: sexual conflict and the evolution of nuptial food gifts." (Host: Lien Luong)

2016, April 1. Angela Douglas. Cornell University. "The multi-organismal animal: insights from Drosophila and its gut microbiota." (Host: Andrew Keddie)

2015, March 20. Claire Kremon. University of California, Berkeley. "Pollinators: a poster child for what's wrong with our food system and how to fix it." (Host: Jessamyn Manson).

2014, March 21. Richard L. Lindroth. University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Chemistry and ecology of aspen: molecules, herbivores and ecosystems". (Host: Nadir Erbilgin).

2013, March 22. Carol Boggs. University of South Carolina & Stanford University. "Playing god with nature: a tale of two butterflies". (Host: Maya Evenden).

2012, March 23. Adam Chippendale. Queen's University. "The evolutionary battle of the sexes: arms race or tug-of-war?". (Host: Heather Proctor).

2011, March 18. Conrad Labandeira. Smithsonian Institution. "A short, interactive, history of plants and insects". (Host: Felix Sperling).

2010, March 19. James Marden. Penn State University. "Evolution and Physiology of flight in aquatic insects". (Host: Reuben Kaufmann).

2009, March 20. Cameron R. Currie. University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Drugs from bugs of bugs: Symbioses between insects and actinobacteria". (Host: Andrew Keddie).

2008, March 20. Terry L. Erwin. Smithsonian Institution. "A Third Century of Massive Planetary Conversion: Humans Testing the Resilience of Earth's Critical Zone." (Host: John Spence).

2007, March 23. Paul M. Brakefield. Leiden University. "Evo-Devo of butterfly wings and the occupancy of morphospace." (Host: Jens Roland).

2006, March 17. Ring Cardé. University of California, Riverside. "Finding an odour source in a turbulent world: strategies of moths and mosquitoes." (Host: Maya Evenden).

2005, March 18. Fred Gould. William Neal Reynolds Professor of Entomology, North Carolina State University. "Autocidal control and train replacement: potential impacts of transgenic insect technology." (Host: Lloyd Dosdall).

2004, March 26. Dale Clayton. Department of Biology, University of Utah. "The ecological basis of coevolutionary history." (Host: Heather Proctor).

2003, March 28. Michael Dickinson. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. "How flies fly." (Host: Douglas Craig).

2002, March 22. Ann Hajek. Department of Entomology, Cornell University. "Safe use of biological control: examples from a fungal pathogen attacking Gypsy Moth." (Host: Andrew Keddie).

2001, March 16. May Berenbaum. Department of Entomology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. "Gut reactions - how insects eat plants." (Host: John Acorn).

2000, March 24. Orly R. "Chip" Taylor. Department of Entomology, University of Kansas. "Monarch watch: using butterflies to facilitate science education." (Host: Felix Sperling).

1999, March 26. James Tumlinson. USDA, Gainesville. "Chemical signaling in tritrophic plant-insect interactions." (Host: Bev Mitchell).

1998, March 26. Robert S. Desowitz. Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii. "Malaria - the oldest emerging disease." (Host: Ronald Gooding).

1997, April 25. Klaus Sander. Albert-Ludwigs Universitat, Frieburg. "Constructing the insect body plan: ontogenetic mechanisms and their phylogenetic variation." (Host: Bruce Heming).

1996, March 6. Erkki Haukioja. Department of Biology, University of Turku, Finland. "Population fluctuations ofEpirrita autumnata and herbivory-induced responses in a host plant" (Host: John Spence).

Also presented March 6, 1996 by George E. Ball, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta. "Reminiscences of 'Strick'", Strickland Memorial Address, First Strickland Supper, Faculty Club, University of Alberta. view text of address