Frederick Stephen Carr

undated photo of Mr. & Mrs. F.S. Carr

Frederick Stephen Carr (1881-1934) moved from Ontario to teach school at Innisfail from 1904-1909. There he met his future wife, Laura Moyer, a teacher from Walkerton, Ontario. He taught in Edmonton from 1909-1919 and then was a school inspector until his death. He moved to Medicine Hat in 1921. Seriously interested in beetles, Carr amassed a vast collection of Alberta species and published the first list of the beetles of the province. Though his main bent was beetles he made a few collections of butterflies in the Medicine Hat and Cypress Hills areas. His collection of around 100,000 insect specimens was donated to the University of Alberta in 1939. His son John and daughter-in-law Bertha have continued in his footsteps and have many beetle and butterfly collections. (text from: Bird, C.D. et al. 1995. Alberta Butterflies. The Provincial Museum of Alberta. Edmonton. viii+349 pp.)