MSDS Sources

You can access hardcopies of SDSs located at several sites in the department but these are usually over 3 years old and are technically 'expired'. More current information can be found on the WWW at many locations, however this requires access to a computer and a functional internet system. Our department supports both forms since although the hardcopies may be dated, they should be accessible at all times. If you have some special hazards in your work area, you may want to print a copy of the SDS and keep in in your lab 
Hardcopies: In the Biological Sciences Building, the main site is in a filing cabinet outside M341and there are also binders near G432 and in B311 (in the Earth Sciences Building, a set is located in Room 1-52). There are also several good reference texts in CW317A.
WWW Sources:

Here is a list of some sites that look worthwhile. Some may require you to register yourself with a password before you can access the information. Do this before you are in a rush to find out how to clean up the spill on your bench top. Since Web addresses / file locations are subject to change, be ready to try some others.

(Hint: if you cannot access an address because "file not found", retry the address higher up in the site directory structure by trimming off the last section of the URL and if you get in, start looking around for the SDS link).




Fisher Scientific Company click on Safety Data Sheets icon on the page
Sigma - Aldrich scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on SDS (in the Service and Support section) a commercial site, but has a good selection, easy to read. click on Chemical MSDS Listing link 
Avantor / J.T. Baker Chemicals click on SDS link left side of page
Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) select language of choice, click Lab Biosafety and Biosecurity, then Pathogen Safety Data Sheets

reviewed November 2016