SDS Sources

There are 2 options to access SDS documents: 1. Locate and bookmark relevant sites from the supplier or 2. Print a hardcopy and keep in a binder in your lab or work area. Regulations require that SDS files more than 3 years old (based on release date) must be updated. It is recommended that you produce a collection of the hazardous chemicals stored in your work area so that it can be consulted in the event of an emergency. More importantly, review the document(s) before something happens; you won't have time to do this if the room is on fire or a hazardous spill has occurred.

Although you may have purchased a chemical from a specific supplier, SDS documents of the same item from different suppliers will still be acceptable (in the event you cannot access the original supplier page).



Fisher Scientific Company click on Safety Data Sheets icon on the page
Sigma - Aldrich scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on SDS (in the Service and Support section)
LabChem a commercial site, but has a good selection, easy to read. this link is ready for your query
Avantor click on Certificate/SDS link right side of page
Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) select language of choice, click Biosafety and biosecurity link, then Pathogen Safety Data Sheets
reviewed November 2019