Bear Safety Resources

Documents: (pdf's) Source
Bear-People Conflict Prevention Plan December 2002 (PDF, 1mb) British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
Polar Bears (PDF, 540kb) P.L. Clarkson and I. Stirling
Surviving a Bear Encounter (PDF, 112kb) found on some web site on Montana wildlife
Efficacy of Bear Deterrent Spray in Alaska Tom S. Smith, Stephen Herrero, Terry D. Debruyn, and James M. Wilder (2008)
Journal of Wildlife Management 72(3), 640-645
available online via UofA Libraries
Field Use of Capsicum Spray as a Bear Deterrent (PDF, 435kb) S. Herrerro and A. Higgins.1998. Ursus 10:533-537.
Bear Videos: available for short-term loan; see Tom Hantos, CW317A, 492-2399
Staying Safe in Bear Country; a Behavioral-Based Approach to Reducing Risk (48 min) how bears behave and respond to encounters with humans
Working in Bear Country: For Industrial Managers, Supervisors and Workers (22 min) more practical aspects of setting up camp and working in bear areas

Polar Bears: A Guide to Safety

especially relevant to those working in the far North

Bear Awareness and Safety (2 part course - theory and hands on) online course offered through Environment, Health and Safety; register here
Proper Deployment of Bear Spray (using inert containers)

practical outdoor session offered in spring/early summer; must complete online course first
registration details at link above

Information Links:
Safety in Grizzly and Black Bear Country NWT Resources Wildlife and Economic Development
Eastern Slopes Grizzly Bear Project
International Association for Bear Research and Management information on bears, access to some back issues of URSUS Journal
Alberta BearSmart Program Alberta Sustainable Resource Development
Bear Safety Workshop (short modules) BC Wildlife Federation
Bear Awareness and Avoidance U of Alberta, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Bear Spray Position Paper Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, USDA Forest Service website
Bear Spray: Research and Information T.S. Smith, US Geological Survey webpage
Proper Use of Bear Spray to avoid bear attacks 1999 News release, US Geological Survey
There are a variety of products that may be used to deter bears while working in the field. Electric fencing or a tripwire intrusion alarm can be erected around a camp and things like bearspray, a pen launcher with flares or banger shells, an air horn or a blank gun can be used to deter animals or as a signalling device.
Margo Supplies Ltd equipment for wildlife management workers, located in High River AB
Kodiak Security Products Inc Calgary AB
Commercial Solutions Inc 11723 - 170 Street, Edmonton, AB; other locations across AB and Canada
UDAP Industries, Bozeman MT pepper spray, electric fences for camps