Biological Sciences

Alternatives to Suspended Programs

Interested In:

Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Integrative Physiology
Animal Biology?
How invertebrate and vertebrate animals interact with their environment, each other, and evolve. Molecular structure and processes of cellular life. Processes that occur within animals, including interactions within cells, between cells, tissues, and organs, and responses to external and internal factors.
Evolutionary Biology? Investigation of organismal diversity, evolutionary relationships, adaptations and genetic variations.   
Microbiology? Exploring microorganisms: what they are and evolutionary history; their functions, role in ecosystems. Emphasis of bacterial function, structure, and biochemistry.    
Plant Biology? How plants grow and develop, interact with the environment, each other and evolve. Molecular plant genetics, including physical, chemical, and molecular processes that occurs in and between cells. How plants grow, develop, and respond to external and internal factors.