Evolutionary Biology

Effective September 2017, there will be no further admissions to BSc Honors or BSc Specialization in Evolutionary Biology. Students who entered this program prior to September 2017 must complete all program requirements by April 30, 2024. Refer to the Calendar in effect at the time you were admitted or readmitted for the regulations governing the degree program requirements. The last BSc Honors or BSc Specialization in Evolutionary Biology will be granted at Spring Convocation 2024.
Evolutionary Biology is the study of the diversity of organisms, including the identification and classification of species, both living and extinct, their evolutionary relationships, adaptations, and genetic variations, the ways in which species originate and become extinct, and the mechanisms, including natural selection, involved in evolutionary change.

The Evolutionary Biology program has been captured in our newly named programs (effective 2018), please click the link below to explore options.

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Career Options

There are many routes you can take with your degree in Evolutionary Biology:


Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Interpretation/Communication

Environmental Law

Forensic Research

Further Education

Managing Wildlife Populations and Conservation

Medical Research

Museum Research, Education, and Curation

Protected Areas Management and Environmental Law Enforcement