Plant Biology

Quite simply, Plant Biology is the scientific study of plants. The interests and expertise of plant biologists are quite varied, including molecular biology and biotechnology, evolution and ecology, and landscape and ecosystem biology. As plants are the foundation of nearly every ecosystem on the planet, and agricultural advancements are the basis of modern society, it is not surprising that plant biologists are often in high demand. Plant biologists may work outside as land managers, researchers, agronomists and foresters, environmental consultants, and artists. Inside, they may be museum curators, researchers, governmental officials, and teachers.
The Plant Biology program at the University of Alberta provides a core of fundamental courses in the biology of all organisms traditionally considered plants and then, on top of this, allows considerable flexibility in course selection so that students can customize their degree according to their own interests. There are no formal streams in this program but course selections permit students to pursue Plant Biology on a variety of fronts including ecology, molecular biology and physiology, morphology, systematics and evolution.

Program Admissions

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  Scarpella 492-2869 BS B-514