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Our Kids in the Garden programs are designed to captivate and inspire participants, foster curiosity, and encourage critical thinking while aligning with Alberta curriculum standards. Our commitment to finding unique ways to connect kids of all ages with nature is sure to add an extra layer of excitement to your next outing resulting in memorable educational experiences for your next field trip.

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Detailed below are options for a program at the Garden.


Forest Ecology

In Forest Ecology, your class embarks on a 2-hour educational journey designed for grades 7 through 9 to immerse themselves into our local boreal forest ecosystems! Students will have the opportunity to be hands-on, in nature, and participate in engaging activities including forest hikes and tree identification games to further understand the dichotomous key and the inner workings and nutrient transport of trees. Students will also learn about unique animal adaptations through the UABG animal talk while having the chance to be up close to real specimens. Connect classroom teaching with first-hand experiences in a forest environment designed to foster a lifelong appreciation and deeper understanding of our closest ecosystems for students!

Wildlife of Alberta

Grades 7 through 9 have the chance to immerse themselves into the captivating ecosystems that animals call home and bring ecological concepts to life with our Wildlife of Alberta program. Students have the opportunity to touch real specimens, examine unique adaptations of different animals and take part in interactive role-playing games while deepening the understanding of the intricate inner workings of wildlife food webs and sparking students’ imagination This 2-hour program will give students the time to make learning an unforgettable adventure while fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of ecosystem relationships.

Conserving Biodiversity

Unlock the mysteries of our local wetland ecosystems in the Garden through Conserving Biodiversity tailored for grades 7 through 9. For 2 hours, students will foster the understanding of biodiversity, habitat preservation and the importance of maintaining health in these ecosystems through water quality testing. Come out and explore the Garden in your journey to understanding the complex relationship between our Alberta forest ecosystems and wetland reserves.

Aquatic and Terrestrial Program

Make a splash with the 2-hour Aquatic and Terrestrial Program designed for high school science students which allows them to experience the local wetland ecosystems at the Garden. This program is a creative journey designed to help students make observations and learn more about the potential impacts on our local ecosystems. They will then delve deeper into understanding these impacts through pond catching and water quality testing which will measure the health of water bodies essential to our ecosystems. Join us in the Garden and discover the unique relationship between the boreal and aquatic ecosystems of Alberta!

Wonderful Wetlands

Embark on an adventure to delve deeper into the unbelievable Wonderful Wetlands with a program catered to curriculum for Grade 5 students! In this 2-hour program, budding environmentalists will have the chance to learn the vital role of our wetlands through interactive games such as pond catching to further understand human threats to ecosystems, animal diversity and adaptations. Join the Garden on an experience where learning meets excitement in our local wetland ecosystems!

Terrific Trees and Plants

Root around in the world of nature and delve into the importance of trees and their roles in our ecosystem in this immersive program tailored to grades 4 through 6. For 2 hours, students can dive into the essentials of flourishing plants,test their tree identification skills through a guided forest walk, and play engaging games to foster a deeper connection with nature!

Interesting Insects

Grades 1 through 3 can seize the opportunity to adventure in the Garden in this 2-hour long program while exploring the interesting world of Insects and the significant role they play in our ecosystems! Students will research them through lively interactive games and insect catches to learn about their process of metamorphosis and the secrets of their life cycles. This 2-hour program will ignite curiosity and create lasting memories while studying the large realm of insects.

Interpreter Field Trips

  • Includes admission for up to 35 children
  • Two-hour guided activities with a Garden interpreter
  • Self-guided the rest of the day
  • Cost is $315 per group

Kid's Kits

  • Includes admission for up to 35 children
  • Self-guided learning — no interpreter
  • Kids' Kits are rented for a two-hour time period and returned at the end
  • Cost is $240 per group

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