Health Care Aide

36 credits - 2 terms (Fall-Winter)

The Health Care Aide (HCA) program is an intensive 8-month training program delivered entirely in the French language leading to the Health Care Aide Certificate recognized by Health Canada and Alberta Health.

During their studies, students benefit from a variety of teaching methods, combining theory, practical laboratory sessions and on-the-job internships. Following the Alberta government's curriculum, this program prepares students to carry out their role in an ethical, legal and regulatory manner, while demonstrating compassion and taking into account the needs of clients and their loved ones.

Through these courses, students gain a fundamental understanding of human anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, lifespan development, and medical record keeping and preparation. In this way, the student can acquire all the knowledge and skills to excel in her profession.

The Health Care Attendant program is open only to students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents.


Program Description

The Health Care Attendant program includes:

  1. 219.5 hours of online and in-class theory.
  2. 155.5 hours of laboratory time, spent in attendance at Campus Saint-Jean.
  3. 320 hours of on-the-job training, divided into two two-week internships and one four-week internship.


Program Delivery

The Health Care Attendant program is offered on a full-time, intensive basis only. Part-time enrolment is not possible.

Successful completion of all courses, with a minimum grade of B-, is required to continue in the program and maintain admission. Students who fail to meet this requirement will be excluded from the program and will have to re-apply for admission the following year.



To receive their Health Care Aide Certificate from the Government of Alberta, students who have completed the courses and practicums in the Health Care Aide program must pass the provincial certification exam. Successful completion of this exam is a prerequisite for Centre collégial de l'Alberta certification.

The exam must be passed within 60 days of completion of courses and internships. Students are entitled to 3 attempts within this period.

Alberta Health Care Examination Handbook (pdf)

The Provincial Health Care Aide Examination handbook is a resource for exam candidates and their teachers, to support exam preparation and understanding of the exam procedures. The handbook contains guidelines, procedures and other information.

Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements to register for the exam:
  1. Candidates must register with the Directory (attend PSS orientation sessions for these instructions);
    1. It is the student's responsibility to complete the Alberta Health Care Aide (HCA) Directory form and e-mail it to the Admissions and Student Orientation Office at
  2. Pay exam fees
  3. The candidate signs a consent form.
  4. Centre collégial de l'Alberta must confirm completion of all required course work and internships. For the CCA to validate your application, please consider the following points:
    1. Students must pass all 9 courses in the program (36 credits) with a minimum grade of B- in all courses.
    2. Students must demonstrate their English language skills, as described in the admissions requirements.
Please consult the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory for additional information on the Health Care Aide profession.

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