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Territorial Acknowledgements: Going Beyond the Script

Have you ever wondered how to create your own territorial acknowledgement, or why you might want to create one? With help and guidance from University of Alberta faculty and staff you, too, can create personal, meaningful, and impactful territorial acknowledgements. Watch the full length video.

Meet the 2021 FoTL Featured Instructors

The 2021 Festival of Teaching and Learning features five recent U of A Teaching Award Winners sharing their creative and innovative online teaching strategies.

  • Houssem Ben Lazreg
    Flipgrid and Padlet: The perks of remote teaching
  • Janet Wesselius
    Fishbowls: Promoting Student Engagement & a Safe Atmosphere for Remote Teaching
  • Shereen M. Hamza
    Meaningful Professional Transformation in the Midst of a Pandemic
  • Hayley Morrison
    Embodied, Engaged, and Experiential Learning in Online Physical Education
  • Tanya Ball
    Relationality in the Classroom
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Schedule of Events: Festival of Teaching and Learning (June 7 - July 9)

As this past year has been a unique, exciting, and challenging time of transition in teaching, join us as we share creative and innovative teaching online strategies.

The Festival will run over the course of 5 weeks (June 7 - July 9). Each week will consist of a mix of asynchronous and synchronous sessions. Asynchronous video presentations will be released in early June for viewing prior to the live Q&A sessions. Synchronous sessions are live presentations with a Q&A to follow. 

  • June 7 - (Q&A) Challenging Conversation Workshops: Using Zoom to Create Safe(r) Spaces
  • June 8 - (Q&A) Teaching with a Lightboard
  • June 9 - Keynote: The Post-COVID Teaching Environment
  • June 10 - Capitalizing on Covid-19 Restrictions to Improve Linkages Between Students and The Real World of Animal Agriculture
  • June 14 - Flipgrid and Padlet: The Perks of Remote Teaching
  • June 15 - Curating Course Materials: Lessons Learned from Using Open Educational Resources for Remote Teaching'
  • June 16 - Fishbowls: Promoting Student Engagement & a Safe Atmosphere for Remote Teaching
  • June 17 - (Q&A) Pivoting in 3 dimensions: Combining an Open Educational Resource and a 3D-Printing Project for Visualizing the Earth's Interior
  • June 21 - (Q&A) All Group Work is Multicultural Group Work: The Multicultural Learning Pods and Strategies for Intercultural Exchange
  • June 21 - Q&A The Flipped Class Model Facilitated Transition to Virtual Learning
  • June 22 - Putting Students At The Centre Of Their Learning Journey
  • June 23 - Meaningful Professional Transformation in the Midst of a Pandemic: Teaching with Compassion, Embracing Essential Foundations in Education and Why There is No Going Back
  • June 24 - A Double Transition: Reactivating The Occupational Medicine Residency Program In Pandemic Times
  • June 28 - Embodied, Engaged, and Experiential Learning in Online Physical Education
  • June 29 - Open-Book Higher-Level Thinking Multiple Choice Assessments
  • June 29 - (Q&A) Using Student Feedback To Improve Communication Skills In Live Zoom Classes
  • June 30 - How Application of Self-Determination Theory Helped Solve Multiple Pandemic-Related Instruction and Assessment Problems in a Professional Program
  • July 5 - Generating Effective Feedback from Online Assessments
  • July 6 - (Q&A) Engaging International Students Online
  • July 7 - The Development of an Interactive Open Educational Resources Website for Engineering Courses
  • July 8 - Relationality in the Classroom
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CTL Open Pedagogy Community of Practice

Each term the Open Pedagogy Community of Practice gathers as a learning community to explore open pedagogy and teaching with OER (open educational resources). We co-create programming to navigate the landscape of open practice by sharing teaching strategies, resources, and experiences. Participation is open to any individual at any stage of their open education journey.

Next Meeting: August 24, 2021 (1 pm - 3 pm) Register.

If you wish to develop more openness in your teaching, please view our website for more resources: start here.

To e-Proctor or Not To e-Proctor with Dr. Jason Carey

e-Proctoring is a complex topic with variables of academic integrity, technical inequalities, and more. In this episode, Dr. Jason Carey from the Faculty of Engineering joins Educational Developer Anita Parker to discuss some assessment strategies being implemented by instructors during these unprecedented times. Listen here and explore our growing list of podcasts episodes

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