New Materials to Stimulate Active Learning in Chemistry Courses

May 15, 2014 | 3 p.m. | CAB 265

Department of Chemistry
W.E. Harris Teaching Workshop Invited Speaker:
Cynthia K. Larive Professor (Chemistry) University of California - Riverside

New Materials to Stimulate Active Learning in Chemistry Courses
By Cynthia Larive, Jack Eichler, and Richard Hooley

Engaging students in active learning can be a daunting task at research universities due to the large class sizes and the distribution of the instructional responsibilities across multiple faculty members and legions of graduate teaching assistants. At the University of California - Riverside we are working to increase student engagement through the application of context-based problems and case studies. This presentation builds on experiences in the use of case studies in the large Introductory Chemistry lecture courses, Organic Chemistry discussion sections and in a capstone Instrumental Analysis course. Active learning materials covering a variety of topics will be highlighted including teaching the periodic table, organic LEDs, and possible causes of the flamingo die off events at Lake Nakuru, Kenya. These resources are designed to supplement more traditional instructional methods and materials. The materials developed are available electronically through the Analytical Sciences Digital Library, or through

Cynthia Larive, Professor of Chemistry & Divisional Dean, University of California, Riverside
Professor Cynthia Larive has received the 2015 Award for Volunteer Service to the ACS. Dr. Larive served as president of a local section, Chaired the Division of Analytical Chemistry (2013), headed its Education Committee (2003-07), and she serves as editor-in-chief of the Analytical Sciences Digital Library. She received the J. Calvin Giddings Award for Excellence in Education in 2007 and was named an ACS Fellow in 2011. Dr. Larive served as chair of the Committee on Professional Training (2009-11), and she was a member of the Graduate Education Advisory Board (2004-11).

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