Loyce Boniface Maiko


Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting Major, 2nd year

Course: CSL 100 (Winter 2023) with Instructor Jay Friesen

Who was your community partner and can you describe the project objectives

My community partner was Africans & African Descendants Friendship club of St. Albert (AADCF). The project objective was to plan Community and Youth Events as we were assisting with administration duties, social media campaigns,  joined community meetings, helping with follow up during the week and assisting with set up and take down during events.

What was your biggest takeaway from your CSL placement

My biggest takeaway was helping to organize and attending Taste of Africa, which was a beautiful event that showcased different aspects of African culture. Where various forms of presentation were used, including poetry, traditional dances, fashion shows, and storytelling.

How can you apply any newly gained knowledge/skills to your future endeavours (courses/employment/volunteering)?

As a result of my placement, I developed a sense of civic responsibility and learned the importance of giving back to the community. In addition, I gained a better understanding of my own values and beliefs and how they can contribute to making positive changes in any community I become involved in. This will be helpful for volunteering and for finding a job in the future.