Ruby Lall


Bachelor of Arts, Political Science major & Sociology minor, 5th year

Graduate of the Non-Profit Board Internship Program (2022-2023)

Describe your board/organization, its objectives, and your responsibilities during the NPBI internship.

My board & organization are the Old Strathcona Youth Society. We are a nonprofit, non-judgemental, flexible, street level resource concerned with protecting the safety & self worth of vulnerable youth populations. We provide resources, referrals, program meals & snacks for instance, to youth from the ages of 14-24 in Treaty 6 Territory.

Other than attending board meetings, workshops and witnessing how a board functions, my responsibilities during this internship was to create an onboarding Welcome Package for new OSYS members, through a digital platform. In addition, I also had the amazing opportunity to frontline volunteer, providing meals, snacks, clothing & interacting with youth. 

Can you describe your project and how you think it will benefit your board?

My board project was a Welcome Package for new onboarding members to the organization. It was created digitally as a series of 10 short videos. Aspects include roles & responsibilities of a board member, mini tour of the building, information about the organization, our mission and so forth. This will benefit the organization, as a digital platform allows for flexibility & efficiency for getting information across to new potential members. It is an easy way to access the videos so that everyone joining can have access to the same resource without having to create a new one each time. It is an interactive display of sense of community and team building.

I believe this is a new, fresh way to express information about a board that engages the viewer, that I am confident will benefit the board’s onboarding process! 

What stands out for you as key learning moments as a result of volunteering on a board?

This is a great question! I learned how communication & inclusivity go a long way for effective team building and support. I had prior assumptions on what a board might be like, and this experience has allowed me to see how a board operates in actuality. I also learned that everyone has something valuable to offer to a board. In addition, I have noticed that change is something that reoccurs in board membership, and adapting to that change is something to keep at the forefront. I am so happy I joined the NPBI organization, because I learned that the power of will of people, community, ideas, and team effort is what creates a stronger vibrant society.

Would you recommend this program to UofA students and why? 

Absolutely! I definitely recommend the NPBI to students who want to connect & engage with their city in a meaningful way! This facilitates experience, learning and continued growth. The program allows for a student’s creativity, insight and work to be reflected in the programs and non-profit organization, along with building great connections and friends along the way!