Megan Posyluzny


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology major, Anthropology minor, and Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning, graduating June 2023 

Graduate of the Non-Profit Board Internship Program (2022-2023)

Describe your board/organization, its objectives, and your responsibilities during the NPBI internship.

My community partner this year was Skills Society, which is an Edmonton-based non-profit organization that works to enhance the citizenship of people with disabilities in the community.

Can you describe your project and how you think it will benefit your board?

The term project that the Board and I collaborated on was an event proposal named project "friend-development" for their social enterprise – The Action Lab. This event plan enhances The Action Lab's marketing strategy and the community engagement and outreach of the organization, which is expected to take place in Fall 2023.

What stands out for you as key learning moments as a result of volunteering on a board?

My internship with Skills Society has been characterized by countless memorable moments. I think that the through-line of my learning experiences has been that creating spaces of belonging is essential for encouraging successful social innovations. I experienced inclusive and welcoming spaces of belonging during Board meetings, events held at The Action Lab, and in everyday conversations with my team members and mentors. Skills Society has taught me how important it is to engage the community with consideration for how to make spaces generative and inclusive – which can be practiced in any professional context, and ultimately build stronger teams. 

The countless skills and knowledge I have gained from this placement have already supplemented my personal and professional growth. I look forward to using the generative approaches to leadership, and human-centred design that Skills Society is known for, in future employment and volunteering opportunities that I pursue. Additionally, the communication, presenting, writing and listening skills I have developed in this placement will help me succeed in my future endeavours – which are hopefully as fun as this NPBI internship has been!

Would you recommend this program to UofA students and why?

Yes, I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to students who are seeking to expand their personal and professional skill sets, especially in the non-profit sector. I found that this internship, the board meetings, workshops and collaborating with my team gave me a sense of purpose and passion alongside work and my studies. No matter what background you come from, or what skills you have, this opportunity is an amazing chance to get more involved with leaders in the community.