Rigour and Ethics in Community-Based Research

Principal Investigator: Sherry Ann Chapman
Research Team: Bethan Kingsley
Funder: Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Duration: 2010-2011

Community-based research and evaluation (CBRE)is characterized by partnerships of people with diverse types of expertise and experiences. With such diversity, how do we decide if we are doing CBRE well? Two projects are underway: (i) Rigour in Community-Based Research (CBR): Rigorous according to whom? and (ii) Growing the 'ethics' system. We are studying how conventional research concepts such as 'rigour' and 'ethics' relate to CBRE. Are they meaningful terms for all types of partners?

After analyzing the data, we began to mobilize findings in workshops (e.g., Chapman & Kingsley, 2011, National Outreach Scholarship Conference, East Lansing, MI; CBRE Workshop #2; EXCES 1512). To learn more, please see the following journal article:

Kingsley, B. C., & Chapman, S. A. (2013). Questioning the meaningfulness of rigour in community-based research: Navigating a dilemma. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 12, 551-569. The article is available through this link: https://journals.library.ualberta.ca/ijqm/index.php/IJQM/article/view/17063