Health Screening and Contact Tracing

Faculties and departments, as well as individuals, are responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

  1. Anyone with core symptoms of COVID-19 or other cold/flu-like illnesses must not attend campus.
  2. All individuals (employees and students) are responsible for monitoring their COVID-19 related wellness at the beginning of the day against the known symptoms using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist.
    • If you are an unvaccinated household contact (see checklist for definitions) of a case of COVID-19 you should stay home for 14 days from the last day of exposure and monitor for symptoms. Do not come to any campus.
      • Contact your supervisor or instructor and advise that you are a household contact of a COVID-19 case and will not be coming to campus for 14 days.
      • If you’ve been on campus in the last 14 days and test positive (by a PCR test) follow the process to activate the Rapid Response Plan.
    • Fully vaccinated household contacts of a case of COVID-19 can continue normal activities but must closely monitor symptoms and immediately isolate if they experience any core symptoms. Should any of the core symptoms develop, do not come to any campus, complete the AHS Online Self Assessment, and follow directions from AHS.
  3. Individuals with symptoms or an AHS confirmed positive test will refer to the University’s Case or Outbreak of COVID-19 on U of A Campus page and follow it’s guidance. Details for triggering the University Rapid Response Plan are also detailed on that page.
  4. Supervisors will make arrangements for self isolating faculty and staff to work from home, if they are able. If the faculty or staff member is unable to complete assigned work from home or if they are ill, supervisors should refer to the university’s Employee Pay and Leave Guidelines.
  5. If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, they should contact those they have been in close contact with and advise them to monitor for symptoms, isolate if symptoms present and get tested for COVID-19.