Sanitization and Custodial

Facilities and Operations, faculties, departments, and individuals share the responsibility for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment on campus.

  1. Facilities and Operations provides cleaning on campus based on the published APPA Level 4 Standards which are documented under the Cleaning services.
  2. Faculties and Departments are encouraged to maintain good housekeeping and cleanliness practices in all areas. Units may use the cleaning tip sheet as reference.
  3. Cleaning supplies may be required should additional cleaning be implemented. SMS has established an interim cleaning material supply to bridge the gap from initial return to work plans until units can procure their ongoing supply requirements.
  4. Office cleaning chemicals are typically considered consumer products but supervisors are still responsible for informing staff about the hazards and controls of these products. WHMIS Training and site-specific training is recommended for all staff handling chemicals in the workplace.
  5. Check with SMS for availability of all supplies prior to ordering with external vendors.
  6. Other cleaning supplies can be ordered from the U of A Preferred Suppliers that carry sanitization supplies, such as wipes or sprays.