Sanitization and Custodial

Facilities and Operations, faculties, and departments share responsibility for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment on campus. 

  1. Facilities and Operations provides cleaning on campus based on the published APPA Level 4 Standards which are documented under Cleaning services for location and frequency, and as modified during the COVID-19 pandemic. Day shift custodial staff patrol public circulation areas (e.g., entrance vestibules, lobbies, hallways) with primary focus on cleaning and disinfecting of high frequency touch points (including door handles, elevator buttons, drinking fountains, and handrails) and regular checks and spot cleaning in public washroom facilities. Afternoon and night shift custodial staff perform cleaning and disinfecting of public circulation touch points, along with regular scheduled cleaning of occupied spaces to an APPA level 4 standard. Based on these cleaning standards, classrooms will only be cleaned and sanitized once per day during afternoon, evening and night shifts. Therefore, classrooms will only be booked for use once in a day where possible to accommodate cleaning and sanitizing scheduling. Where Faculties and Departments require multiple uses of a specific classroom space in one day, they will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the classroom space in between same day uses.
  2. Faculties and Departments are required to provide additional cleaning and sanitization to their work surfaces and equipment to meet Government of Alberta public health requirements. Therefore, Faculties and Departments are responsible for sanitizing and disinfecting work spaces and related high touch points in Faculty and Department areas, including office cleaning and garbage being emptied to common area receptacles. These type of spaces would include the following:
    1. Workbenches, laboratory benches, desktops and cabinets
    2. Fume Hoods
    3. Laboratory, research, athletic and maintenance equipment
    4. Studios and specialized departmental work and instructional spaces
    5. High touch spaces in faculty and department areas
    6. Meeting rooms and board rooms
  3. Research resumption plans that do not include these measures should not be approved by Deans and associate/vice-deans of research.
  4. Cleaning supplies required: rubber gloves (nitrile or vinyl may be substituted), microfibre cloths for cleaning / wiping surfaces, general purpose cleaning cloths or disposable wipes for disinfecting surfaces, spray bottles for dispensing products. SMS has established an interim cleaning material supply to bridge the gap from initial return to work plans until units can procure their ongoing supply requirements.
  5. Office cleaning chemicals are typically considered consumer products but supervisors are still responsible for informing staff about the hazards and controls of these products. WHMIS Training will ensure staff understand the signs/symbols and SDS information for these products. Site-specific training in the safe-use of these chemicals must be provided. SDSs (available at the links above) should be available (online is acceptable). If the product is transferred from its original container, a label identifying the contents must be applied.
  6. Supply Management Services (SMS) has quantities of the following cleaning supplies for purchase via SMS Supplies Order Form.
    1. Rubber Gloves for surface cleaning - $1.00/pair
    2. Microfibre Cloths - $1.00/each
    3. Disinfectant Cleaner - (946 ml spray bottle) $12/each
  7. Check with SMS for availability of all supplies prior to ordering with external vendors.
  8. Other cleaning supplies can be ordered from the following Preferred Suppliers that carry sanitization supplies, such as wipes or sprays. Please note that carrying an item does not guarantee that it will be in stock.
    1. Fisher (gloves, sanitization supplies) – use Punchout in SupplyNet to order
    2. Vallen (gloves, sanitization supplies) – use Punchout in SupplyNet to order
    3. Wesclean (cleaning and sanitization supplies) – use SupplyNet to order
    4. Grand & Toy (sanitization supplies) – use Punchout in SupplyNet to order

Download this cleaning tip sheet for procedures for cleaning departmental equipment / touch zones in research labs or classroom spaces.