Safety Measures and Enforcement during COVID-19

01 December 2020

Posted: December 1, 3:40 p.m.

Community and campus safety are a shared responsibility. The university expects all members of its community and visitors to its campuses to know current safety protocols before coming to campus. Our primary focus is on educating and informing community members and visitors of the safety measures needed to keep our community safe during the pandemic. Enforcement will depend on the individual’s relationship with the university and the circumstances.

Enforcement of mandatory Government of Alberta restrictions

During the provincial state of public health emergency, the Government of Alberta has granted certain Alberta peace officers and community peace officers temporary authority to enforce public health orders — this includes our team of University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) officers, who help keep our campuses safe. If you do not follow mandatory restrictions as outlined in public health orders, you could be subject to a $1,000 fine and up to $100,000 through the courts.

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Enforcement of mandatory University of Alberta safety measures

Violations of mandatory U of A measures as outlined in the Safety Measures General Directives are subject to action under existing university policies and agreements, such as the Code of Student Behavior, relevant employee agreements, and vendor contract obligations. For example, if you do not follow campus safety protocols, such as the mandatory mask policy, you could be denied access to campus or removed from campus. Repeated violations can result in discipline up to and including a student’s expulsion and/or exclusion or an employee’s termination.

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Instances of non-compliance

If you are concerned about possible safety measure violations in your work area or class, talk to your supervisor or instructor. For incidents outside of your work unit or class, please use the Health, Safety and Environment Incident Reporting Portal (Click on ‘Incident Reporting Form’; check ‘Near Miss or Unsafe Condition’). Incident reports also help inform campus safety patrols.

If you are concerned about violations of Alberta public health orders on U of A campuses, call UAPS at 780-492-5050.