Qualifying Year Abroad Program

Many Canadian or American students may show excellent academic potential in an academic discipline related to the study of East Asia, but have not had the chance in college to study an Asian language for our required four full years. In such cases, we are able to consider admitting students to our MA program with a qualifying year abroad.

In this program, students are first sent directly to Asia for a full year of intensive language study at one of our partner universities. Upon successful completion of that full year of language study, the student will then come to our campus in Edmonton to begin her or his regular two-year MA degree. This unusual program, unique in Canada, is intended to recognize and support students with strong interests in Asia and demonstrated scholarly potential, but who simply may not have had the chance to acquire enough language competency to begin a program of research; we welcome all applicants who believe they may be suited for this program.

Our three partner schools for this program are: Peking University (Beijing, China), Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan), and Chungnam University (Daejeon, South Korea). All three of these partners are excellent, internationally-ranked research universities with well-established programs for teaching their own national language to foreign students. While in the qualifying year program, students are registered as University of Alberta graduate students, and pay only University of Alberta tuition; but they will have full access to the courses and campus facilities of our partner institutions. Students in this program are normally not eligible for scholarships during the year abroad; however, they are given equal consideration for scholarships after they come to Edmonton to begin their formal coursework and research.

For those interested in the qualifying year abroad program, you must make a separate application to the University of Alberta's Go Abroad office, in addition to the regular application for admission. In your application, please make clear that you are applying to the MA program of the Department of East Asian Studies, and our qualifying year abroad program.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the Go Abroad deadline for its exchange programs is January 18, the regular graduate application for admission is due January 15.