Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my application fee waived?

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is no longer able to waive this application fee for students from specific countries; all applicants are required to pay the non-refundable application fee of $135.

I already completed a graduate program in another University and can I apply for the same or similar program?

Applicants will not be admissible to a graduate program (Master’s and doctoral) at the University of Alberta if they have previously obtained an identical degree in the same or similar program.

Can you please review my academic documents and evaluate my qualifications before making an application?

No, we do NOT evaluate your qualification until you submit an application.

Should I contact and identify a potential Supervisor before applying for a graduate program?

MEng application does not require a potential Supervisor.

For an MSc/PhD application, it is mandatory to secure a potential Supervisor before applying for the program. We do not review and consider any MSc/PhD application without the Expression of Interest email/letter from the potential supervisor even though it is submitted. It is clearly stated in the Step 1 of the instructions for MSc/PhD application in the How to Apply page.

Can the Department help me with contacting and finding a potential Supervisor?

It is the applicant's responsibility to contact and identify a supervisor before submitting an application - the department does not involve in finding a supervisor for applicants such as tracking individual professor's availability and capacity to take a student. The connection between student and professor must be made directly because of the particular interest the student has, and the particular research each professor is doing. There is also the financial responsibility involved - any decisions on financial assistance (funding) are made by the supervisor.

How can I contact and find a potential Supervisor?

Please refer to the Step 1 in the instructions for MSc/PhD application in the How to Apply page.

I’ve contacted professors to find a potential Supervisor but haven’t received any response back.

If you have constructed a relevant email to a professor and you have not heard back, one reminder email might be useful after one week. There are many reasons why a supervisor may not be able to support your request. The most common reasons are: your background or interest is not related to the research they are doing; and they do not have the resources to support any more students for the semester you are applying to. 

NOTE: Not all who apply will be able to find this needed support.

Do you have a fully funded graduate program?

The thesis-based programs (MSc/PhD) might be funded by the Supervisor and all decisions with regards to financial assistance (assistantship, scholarship, etc) are made by the supervisor at the formal application stage. Funding is determined based on the Supervisor’s funding capacity, but it is not always guaranteed. 

Is funding available for the MEng program students?

The MEng course-based program is a non-funded program, which means MEng students must have the means necessary to support themselves financially throughout the duration of the program, and they are NOT eligible for TA or RA.

Do you offer an MEng program in Winter?

The MEng program is only available for the Fall intake and there is no Winter intake.

What is the length (duration) of the MEng program?

The maximum time permitted for completion of an MEng program is 4 years from the date of first registration, and the typical time required to complete the program is 1.5 to 2 years.

The medium of Instruction in my University was English and should I still take the IELTS or TOEFL exam to meet the ELP requirement?

If you obtained credentials from the country or the institution listed in the FGSR’s Recognized English Language Countries and Institutions, you are exempt from the ELP requirement. If your country or the institution is not listed but the medium of instruction was English, you should get the official letter from the institution verifying the medium of instruction was English throughout the entire program and submit it to your application. The letter may exempt the ELP requirement. 

How much does the tuition and fees cost for the graduate program?

For details on the tuition and fees, please refer to the Tuition and Cost of Living Estimate page. If you have further questions on the tuition and fees, please contact FGSR at

I am interested in the MBA/MEng program and where can I get the information?

For details on the MBA/MEng program, please refer to the MBA/Masters of Engineering page. If you have further questions on the program and the admission, please contact the MBA office.

I have submitted an application and can you tell me the application status?

Application status including admission decision is updated to the GSMS portal. Please check the portal for updates on a regular basis.

I am admitted to a thesis-based program (MSc/PhD) and can you please issue the funding appointment letter supporting my study permit application?

The funding appointment letter should be issued by your Supervisor after you receive the offer of admission if he or she will offer you funding. Please contact your Supervisor.

Which courses should I register for?

Our graduate students should refer to the course requirements described in the Graduate Studies Handbook of the academic year they are admitted to. For course selection and planning, MSc/PhD students should discuss with their Supervisor and MEng students with the Graduate Group Coordinator.

Any questions or concerns on admission condition documents submission

Please contact FGSR at The admission condition documents should be sent to FGSR and they are collected and verified by FGSR.

Any questions related to Immigration such as study permit or post-graduate work permit

Please contact U of A International Contact Centre.

Any questions about important dates and deadlines such as the term start date, course add/delete deadlines, tuition payment deadlines, etc.

Please refer to the University Calendar.

Is online option available for graduate courses?

With the University of Alberta’s decision to return primarily to in-person learning as of Fall 2022 term, graduate courses in the Department Civil & Environmental Engineering will be offered primarily in-person.

I am an international student admitted to a graduate program but I am still waiting for my study permit and may not be able to come to Canada by the start date of the admitted term. When is the last date to arrive in Canada and start the program?

Students must arrive in Canada, enroll in courses and start attending classes by the course add/delete deadline. For the course add/delete deadline, please refer to the University Calendar. However, we do not usually advise students to come more than a week late as they would miss a couple of classes and it could affect their academic performance. It is the student’s responsibility to catch up the missed coursework and make up classes are not offered.  

Can I defer my admission?

An admission deferral is allowed only once up to a year and the deferral request is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

A deferral request should be submitted via the GSMS Portal.

The Department’s deadline for deferral request submission is January 11, 2023 for Winter 2023 admission.

Before making a deferral request, please note the following:

For MSc/PhD students, a deferral should first be discussed with and approved by their Supervisor.

For MEng students, a deferral is ONLY available to the next Fall term.

The rate of the tuition guarantee is being evaluated every academic year and it might be increased in the new academic year. If you are deferring to the next Fall term, your tuition and fees will be re-evaluated based on the new rate.