Tuition & Cost of Living Estimates

Tuition Estimate

Tuition for graduate students at the University of Alberta is based on the type of program—thesis or course based—and whether you are registered full-time or part-time­. Please note that the tables below  are graduate program estimates only

Please note: The University of Alberta is introducing a new tuition model for international students. The model will be in place for international students who enroll in new programs starting in Fall 2020. The new program-based tuition model will allow international students to know the total tuition cost of their program at the time of their admission to the University of Alberta. For more information, please visit:

For a full breakdown, visit the Tuition and Fees section of our website.

Full-time graduate students should expect to pay each year approximately:

Canadian Students


Thesis-based Master's & Doctoral   $5,645 CAD
Course-based Master's   $5,575 CAD

International Students


Thesis-based Master's & Doctoral

  $9,465 CAD
Course-based Master's $10,500 CAD

(Based on 2019/2020 tuition rates)

Keep in mind that your fees may be offset if you are the recipient of an award or receive funding. For more information, please see Awards and Funding

Cost of Living Estimate

This estimate is a guideline. Living costs vary greatly based on the type of accommodation, whether you are sharing accommodation with roommates, and your overall standard of living. All figures are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and they exclude tuition costs.

   Single Adult Two Adults, One Child* 
Annually (September to August)   Monthly
Annually (September to August)
Housing $900 - $1,200 (one bedroom)
$10,800 - $14,400 $1,400 - $2,000 (3-bedroom house) $16,800 - $24,000
Utilities $240 - $450 $2,880 - $5,400 $240 - $450 $2,880 - $5,400
Internet & mobile phone $170 $2,040 $240 $2,880
Food $200 - $300 $2,400 - $3,600
$550 - $650 $6,600 - $7,800
Clothing   -
$500 + $200 for winter clothing   -
$1,500 + $600 for winter clothing
Transportation (Bus) Included in student fees (U-Pass program)
Included in student fees (U-Pass program) $95 for the second adult + $70 for the child $1,140 for the second adult + $840 for the child
Educational Supplies**   -
$1,600   -
Child Care and School Fees   -
$1,000 $12,000
Recreation $75 $900 $200 $2,400
Cost of Living Total (excluding tuition)
$1,585 - $2,195  $21,320 - $28,640 $3,795 - $4,705 $49,240 - $60,160

For more thorough information and sources for the information above, CLICK HERE 

* One graduate student, one additional adult, and one child under 12 years of age in full-time child care.

** Not included in graduate tuition and mandatory fees.

All cost estimates are in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Please note that the costs above are estimates only. The amounts are based on sources from 2016-2017 and are intended to serve only as a general guideline. Actual costs will vary according to many factors such as personal preference, household type, vendor, and more. For precise cost information, please contact vendors (e.g. landlords, mobile companies, bookstores, etc.) directly to confirm pricing.