Credit For Work Terms

Credit for work experience is dependent upon both a student's academic and work term performance. Students who are required to withdraw from the faculty while on a work term will not receive credit for that work term.

The grade assigned for each work term is based upon:

  • interim evaluation(s) by Coordinators from the Engineering Co-op Department,
  • the work term report, and
  • information obtained from employer final evaluations.

Work term performance is assessed on a credit/incomplete/fail basis as described in the table below. Any student receiving a grade of FAIL for any one four-month work experience course will be required to withdraw from the Faculty of Engineering.

Students who fail a work experience course will not be readmitted to the co-op program, but may apply for readmission to the faculty in the regular program.

Student may appeal grades through existing University of Alberta appeal procedures.

Work Term Performance Grading

  • The student has met all requirements of the work term in a satisfactory manner.
  • A temporary grade used after the completion of a work term if, for reasons beyond the student's control, the necessary evaluations have not yet been completed.


  • The student's job performance during the work term was marginal. The grade INCOMPLETE must be changed to either CREDIT or FAIL on the basis of the student's performance in the subsequent work term.
  • The student's job performance during the work term has been deemed to be unsatisfactory by his or her employer or the Engineering Co-op Department.


  • The student has failed or refused to satisfactorily complete the requirements of a work term, including related assignments.


Last Update: June 30, 2020