What Is An Acceptable Job?

Students are expected to conduct a personal job search concurrently with the internal co-op recruitment process. Jobs found independent of the co-op recruitment must meet requirements as outlined below.

The minimum requirements for acceptable co-op jobs vary depending on the work term:

Work Terms 1 & 2:

  • Job must be engineering related
  • Labour and/or maintenance jobs are acceptable

Work Term 3:

  • Job must discipline related

Work Terms 4 & 5:

  • Job must be discipline related
  • Job should involve working with engineers

A job is considered engineering related if it provides the student with:

  1. an opportunity to gain understanding of and/or personal involvement in the practical application of engineering; and/or
  2. exposure to an environment of engineering/business which encourages the development of professional conscience, responsibility, maturity, and judgement.

A job is considered discipline related if it meets the above criteria for an engineering related job and is related to the student's own discipline within engineering.

The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act defines the "practice of engineering" as:

"…reporting on, advising on, evaluating, designing, preparing plans and specifications for or directing the construction, technical inspection, maintenance or operation of any structure, work or process

  1. that is aimed at the discovery, development or utilization of matter, materials or energy or in any other way designed for the use and convenience of humans, and
  2. that requires in that reporting, advising, evaluating, designing, preparations or direction the professional application of the principles of mathematics, chemistry, physics or any related applied subject…"