ENGL 212 A1: Introduction to the English Language

R. Fowler

This course introduces students to the structure and history of the English language and raises questions and debates about how we use and understand it. Students will be introduced to the sounds and syntax of the language and consider how the structure of English meets social needs. Differences in usage, language authority, morphology of words, semantics, and spoken discourse are some components of the course that students will encounter. It is not specifically a grammar or a writing course, although aspects of grammatical structure are part of our study and students will be expected to write a university-level essay.

English 212 will draw extensively from the course text, but other digital content will be linked in eclass. The current format is Zoom meeting lecture, chat, and breakout room discussion along with forum post discussion. Students may also expect asynchronous video lectures in lieu of regular Zoom course time meetings.