ENGL 250 B1: Introduction to Canadian Literatures

D. Fuller

What are “Canadian Literatures”?  How can we read them critically and responsibly? This
course will introduce students to the study of Canadian literatures via a series of texts, problems
and issues.  It will do this by engaging critically with the nation, specifically Canada, as a
framework for literary study by considering the relationship between Canadian Literature and
colonization and by examining how postcolonial, diasporic and indigenous ways of thinking
about literature can help us to interpret and analyse what we read.  
You will read a selection of texts emerging from a range of communities. Texts written in
different genres and time periods, and at various periods of time, ranging from the eighteenth
century to the present.  You will discuss, research and write about ideas that emerge from these
texts and learn how to situate both ideas and texts in their cultural, social, linguistic, historical
and political contexts.

Primary texts will include: 1 contemporary (21c) novel and an anthology, Laura Moss and
Cynthia Sugar (eds.) Canadian Literature in English: Texts and Contexts, Volume 2. (Pearson
Canada, 2009).
Secondary readings and viewings will include a selection of theoretical texts, literary criticism,
contextual essays, and new media genres.

In Winter 2022, this course will be taught by a team of one Faculty member (Prof Danielle
Fuller) and 2 Graduate Teaching Assistants.  Classes will include various ways of learning such
as lectures, seminar-style discussion, in-class small group work and independent research.