ENGL 380 A1: Writing from Here

K. Martin

What does it mean to write (and read) from here, in a place now variously called amiskowacîyowaskahikan, Edmonton, Métis Nation Region 4, within the territory now known as Treaty 6, a site of thousands of years of trade and political history, in proximity to the North Saskatchewan River? Though engaging with texts can sometimes feel like a disembodied experience, in which the practitioner is transported, seemingly removed from the present and from place, our material and conceptual links to the land remain, as liquid from local watersheds moves through our bodies, and as our perceptions are organized by the complex histories and political currents around us. In this class, students will engage with a series of texts written in relation to this place, animated by discussion, guest speakers, and (where possible) field trips--while also producing their own creative and critical writing from here.