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Our department is consistently recognized as among the world's very best for studies in English language and literature, based on academic reputation and research impact. Thousands of students have taken our courses and programs in English, Film Studies, and Creative Writing.

Ranging in size from 40 (at the first-year level) to 12 (in upper-level seminars) students, our classes provide plenty of opportunity for direct and meaningful interaction with professors. As you'll see below, in the Department of English & Film Studies you will learn and enhance skills widely transferable to an extensive range of jobs. We also have your post-degree career firmly in mind, with our certificates, community service learning, and work experience options. Join us!

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Gain practical work experience during your degree. Here's the experience of BA (English) Arts graduate, Nicole Liesner:


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We offer a large number of Undergraduate Awards and Prizes.

We are a very active department with great opportunities to hear leading-edge speakers.

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