CME Internships

City: Nancy Country: France

City: Bremen Country: Germany

City: Cologne Country: Germany

City: Hokkaido Country: Japan


What the Program has to offer:


  • Research placements for University of Alberta Engineering undergraduate students - to train in and work on a research project in a university laboratory
  • If the professor at the host university is collaborating with an industry partner, the student may be placed with the company and not in the university laboratory
  • Each placement is between 4 - 8 months long, and positions run from May to December, September to May or January to September, depending on the host university. The majority of placements are from May to December

When Can I Go?

Terms Offered: Year

Duration: Duration: 4-8 months, depending on location (see below)

Eligibility Requirements

Open to: Engineering (all disciplines)

Level: Undergraduate, Recent Graduates

See Eligibility.

Internship Information

Language of Instruction: English

Internships are offered at the following locations:


  • École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy in Nancy, France (8 months)
  • TU Bremen in Bremen, Germany (8 months)
  • DLR in Cologne, Germany (8 months)
  • Hokkaido University in Hokkaido, Japan (4-8 months)


Fees & Costs

General fees and costs.

What students say

Student Feedback Report (PDF)

Program Contact

Ciara Murrin, International Internship Coordinator (Outbound)