Global Academic Leadership Development

The University of Alberta Global Academic Leadership Program (GALD) is a customizable global academic leadership and professional development program for cohorts of employees from government and education sectors.

Since 2012, over 850 university administrators at the Dean and Vice Dean levels have participated in GALD programs. We have successfully delivered GALD programs for countries including China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Mongolia.

GALD offers world-class professional training for:

  • senior administrators looking for an opportunity to acquire high-level administration and leadership skills
  • educators wishing to enhance their academic teaching skills
  • researchers seeking to sharpen their research management expertise
  • groups of professionals with a common interest, seeking a customized professional development program to meet specific training needs

GALD offers many benefits to your organization, including:

  • cultural immersion and interaction with global counterparts that will expand global perspective and enhance your team's international competitive advantage
  • accessibility and customization of programs, ensuring that GALD offers the scheduling and instructional flexibility to meet your organization's specific needs.
  • dedicated service and organization - you will have one point of contact before, during, and after the program to ensure a smooth transition and an effective learning environment for your team.
  • instruction from leading experts - your team will learn from leading Alberta experts on a wide range of subjects, from all administrative branches and 18 academic faculties.

GALD provides three dimensions of learning:

Theoretical Knowledge



Practical Application

in a

Global Context

Enhance knowledge
and strengthen your theoretical frameworks in your area of interest
Utilize relevant opportunities to apply theory to practice
Improve your
English Language Proficiency
and intercultural understanding in today's global context