Gillian Lemermeyer


Gillian Lemermeyer, PhD, FRE, RN is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing. Gillian's current research explores the embodied ethics of healthcare practices, employing a phenomenological method to investigate the nurse’s touch in the neonatal intensive care unit. Past research projects have explored the experience of families in the NICU and during the process of considering organ donation. Her nursing background is in neonatal intensive care, family bereavement, and professional regulation. Her teaching practice is in healthcare ethics and nursing leadership.

Research Program

The central notion of my research program is that the way we are with each other matters. This idea is grounded in an ethics of inclusion in a changing world and is situated in the close interface between nurses and other healthcare practitioners with the people in their care. I focus on themes such as the lived body (of patient and practitioner), relational ethics, human touch, and the ethics of artificial intelligence in healthcare.