Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Support Staff

Name Title Office Phone
Currently Vacant Financial Administrator: Operating CAB 632G 780 492-0292  
Michelle Casiano Department Receptionist  CAB 632 780 492-3396 casiano
Tara K. Evans Administrator: Grants & Research, Department Webmaster CAB 632F 780 492-0446 tara.evans
Dana Gauthier Administrator: Research Accounts, AMI & PIMS CAB 632D 780 492-4217 danam
Leona Guthrie  Undergraduate Program Coordinator CAB 632B 780 492-3385 lguthrie
Tara Schuetz Graduate Program Coordinator CAB 632A 780 492-5799 tschuetz
Penny Stiles  Graduate Student Admissions Assistant CAB 632C    pjstiles
Vera Toth Executive Assistant to the Chair CAB 632E 780 492-3394 vtoth