498/499 Student

The MMI 498/499 course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to engage in an independent, directed research project in the laboratory of an MMI faculty member. Not only will students acquire hands-on, practical research experience, but they will also be given the opportunity to present their research findings in a public setting. A written laboratory report is also required for MMI 499 students. These are all extremely valuable experiences that will provide insight into the world of academic research.

To enrol in the course, you must identify an MMI faculty member who is willing to supervise you. As there is limited space in each laboratory and all Honour IMIN students are required to complete this course, early contact with faculty members you are interested in working with is strongly encouraged.

For those students interested in pursuing post-graduate studies including M.Sc or Ph.D. degrees or entering graduate school, this is an excellent way to obtain a strong letter of reference. Furthermore, MMI 498/499 projects connect you with potential summer student supervisors and graduate studies supervisors.

If you are interested in joining an MMI lab to do a 498 or 499 project you should contact Dr. Troy Baldwin.

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