Fall 2016 Deadline Extension

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Interim Dean Chris Andersen - Tân'si Ki'wow

Welcome message from our Interim Dean

Revised Deadlines

Thinking about a degree in Native Studies? Our undergraduate program application deadline has been extended to July 1, 2016!

As well as the four-year BA or BA (Honors) in Native Studies, we offer combined degrees that allow you to earn a BEd or BSc alongside your BA in just five years. Find out more and apply online here: http://nativestudies.ualberta.ca/pro…/undergraduate-programs

Spring/Summer Courses

Registration for Spring/Summer courses open! The Faculty of Native Studies will include pre and corequisite checking as part of the course restrictions.

NS 110 HIST PERSPECTIVES NATIVE ST - Spring (3 week - May 9 start)
J. Dempsey

NS 111 CONTEMPORARY PERSPEC NATIVE ST - Spring (3 week - May 30 start)

D. Thunder

NS 280 SELECTED TOP IN NATIVE STUDIES – Summer (3 week – July 4 start)
Indigenous New Media
K. Lindquist

NS 420 NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES – Spring (3 week – May 9 start)
R. Price

Metis Archival Project 

Please note that the Metis National Council Historical Online Database is down until further notice.  Work is in progress to get the database up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Native Studies is a student-centred, research-oriented faculty that provides a common ground for all students regardless of ethnic background to:

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...the historical and contemporary experiences of Native peoples and communities, and their relationships with Canada and other countries.

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