Credit Courses


Below are the credit courses available from the Faculty of Nursing. Credit courses are course-led classes and there are no pre-requisites to enroll. Select a course to view the available classes, additional class notes, and class times. Register through "Interdisciplinary Undergraduate and Graduate Courses" on Beartracks.


 INT D 248 - Loneliness Matters

Loneliness is a growing issue in our society due to factors such as social and demographic changes, technology, isolation, and stigma. The course content will include theories of loneliness and parallel concepts such as social isolation, depression and withdrawal. Strategies will be discussed to deepen understanding of the implications of being lonely.




INT D 249 - The Science of Joy and Happiness

The purpose of this interdisciplinary course is to examine why and how to pursue joy and happiness in life. Learners examine the importance of joy, happiness and finding a good life through a positive psychology lens. Learners examine the notable theory and scientific research related to joy and happiness and learn and apply active strategies to improve their own joy and happiness.





INT D 250 - Survey Course on Cannabis

This is a survey course on what is cannabis, how and why it is used. Topics will include history, harm reduction, benefits, regulation, medical and recreational uses, health effects and risks, treatment options, research evidence, ethics and business practices. Implications of legalization will be discussed. Open to all undergraduate students.