MN NP (Advanced Clinical Focus)

In 2020-21, the Faculty of Nursing revised the MN NP (Advanced Clinical Focus - Nurse Practitioner) stream.

The revised program includes the following:

  • Hybrid, online and on-campus study options offering students more flexibility
  • Uninterrupted course sequencing, resulting in a shorter completion time
  • Early integration of case-based simulation experiences, ensuring a smoother transition to advanced clinical care courses
  • Practicum hours distributed across advanced clinical care courses (I, II, and III), and two consolidated final practicum courses (totalling 800 clinical hours)
  • Practicum placements are arranged placements are arranged and supported through the Faculty of Nursing Clinical Placement Office (please note: The Faculty reserves the right to accept applications based on potential placements in the student’s provincial jurisdiction. Given the unique licensing conditions in Quebec, applicants residing and planning to work in Quebec are encouraged to enroll in an NP program in their home province).

Students may register for either full-time or part-time studies to complete the Master of Nursing Advanced Clinical-NP Focus.

  • Full-time studies occur over 20 consecutive months, including courses and clinical hours during spring and summer terms following Year 1.
  • Part-time studies normally occur over 32 months, including courses and clinical hours during the spring and summer terms of the second year of study.

There is an option to complete the program through either course-based (42 credits) or thesis-based (39 credits) studies.

Many nurse practitioner students choose to maintain other clinical employment during their studies. Please note that the nurse practitioner courses require a total of 800 clinical hours (preceptored). It may be difficult to maintain employment hours due to the workload of seminar and clinical commitments. For example, during the Fall term of Year 2, courses require an additional 200 hours of clinical practice. During the final Winter term, nurse practitioner courses require an additional 400 hours of clinical practice. Throughout the program, students must realistically appraise their ability to continue employment hours alongside the time commitment required for their studies.

Illustrative Examples of MN NP Timetabling

MN NP Advanced Clinical Focus - Full-Time

MN NP Advanced Clinical Focus - Part-Time