Post MN Nurse Practitioner

Graduates of the Master of Nursing program at the University of Alberta (or its equivalent) may apply for admission to post-master's studies to complete courses required to qualify for rostering with College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) or other Canadian provincial nursing regulator as a nurse practitioner (Neonate, Family All Ages and Adult/Older Adult streams).

Please note: this is not a degree/certificate program; applicants must apply as a “special graduate student” for Year 1 and 2. Contact the department before completing an application.

The application deadline is January 15 for a September start date of the same calendar year.

Post-master of nursing applicants who desire to become eligible for entry-to-practice as a nurse practitioner require 4,500 clinical hours of registered nursing practice appropriate to the program category (i.e., Adult, Family/All Ages or Neonate) prior to entering the program.

Students will be tested on physical assessment skills at the beginning of NURS 516/518 and advice will be offered for additional preparation if needed.

If admitted, students are expected to take clinical courses in sequence and without interruption.

Post-master’s NP courses are completed on a part-time basis over a 20-month period. Clinical courses require 800 clinical hours, including a consolidated practicum of 400 hours during the final semester. It may be difficult to maintain employment hours due to the workload of seminar and clinical commitments. Throughout the program, students must realistically appraise their ability to continue employment hours alongside the time commitment required for their studies.

The following courses are required to complete the Post MN:

Term I (Fall)

NURS 509 (FAA and Adult) or 520 (Neonate) Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
Campus or online seminars

Term II (Winter)

NURS 507 (FAA and Adult) or 522 (Neonate) Advanced Pathophysiology
Campus or online seminars

Term III (Spring Summer)

NURS 516 (FAA and Adult) or 518 (Neonate) Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning
Weekly seminar/lab campus or online plus 100 hours with a clinical preceptor. There is a consolidated lab requiring one week of on campus attendance at the beginning of the course for lab/simulation skill building.
NURS 530 Advanced Clinical Care I
Two online modules plus 100 hours with a clinical preceptor

Term IV (Fall)

NURS 531 Advanced Clinical Care II
Two online modules plus 100 hours with a clinical preceptor
NURS 532 Advanced Clinical Care III
Two online modules plus 100 hours with a clinical preceptor

Term V (Winter)

NURS 533 Consolidated Practicum I
200 hours clinical practice with a preceptor
NURS 534 Consolidated Practicum II
200 hours clinical practice with a preceptor

Post-Master of Nursing applicants must submit the following:

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