MN Bypass

Outstanding MN Candidates who have successfully completed specified coursework in the MN program may apply for admission to the PhD program without completing the MN degree. Adequate Faculty resources (i.e., appropriate supervisor) must be available to support the student's proposed program of study. Additional research experience may be required within the PhD program for students selecting this option.

The following coursework is typically completed by the MN Candidate in order to be eligible to bypass the Master's degree:

  • NURS 502 (*3)
  • NURS 512 (*3)
  • NURS 513 (*3)
  • NURS 505 (*3)
  • NURS 506 (*3)
  • One Elective (*3)
    e.g. NURS 508, 536, 604, 682, 684, or INT D 570

Before a file can be reviewed for a Change of Category (MN Bypass to PhD program), the following is required:

  1. Three letters of reference
  2. Updated Curriculum Vitae
  3. Written agreement of an appropriate supervisor.
  4. Recommendation for Change of Category or Academic Standing form
  5. PhD Applicant Background Information document

The FGSR application and $100 fee are not required. The application file is evaluated by the Admissions Committee on the same criteria as other PhD applications.

If the student is approved for admission to the PhD program via MN bypass, FGSR considers this transfer to be a Change of Category rather than a new admission. Therefore, the student's PhD time limitation (6 years) actually begins at the date of initial admission to FGSR as a MN student.

Once a student has been enrolled in the PhD (Nursing) program via the Master's bypass option and completed part of the PhD program requirements, only special circumstances will be considered valid reasons for the student to withdraw from the PhD program and change their category back to MN Candidate with the intention of completing the MN degree.