After Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) After Degree Program is for students who come to nursing with a recognized university degree in any field of study and is offered in Edmonton. The Faculty of Nursing recognizes that students who already hold a degree have developed critical thinking and analytical skills. These skills, combined with career and life experience and, in many cases, additional education, make these individuals excellent candidates for this program.

As of 2015-2016, the Faculty of Nursing will no longer offer Winter admission to the After Degree Program. Those interested in the program must apply for Fall admission.

Also, the Faculty of Nursing no longer offers provisional admission to the BScN-After Degree Program to applicants who meet all admission requirements with the exception of the Medical Microbiology prerequisite course. Applicants are required to meet all of the prerequisite admission requirements to be considered for the program.


There is one round of admissions (Fall) for the BScN-After Degree Program in Edmonton.


Students admitted to the BScN-After Degree Program in Edmonton will attend classes at the UofA North (main) Campus. The Faculty of Nursing offices and lab are located in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, however, classes can occur in various buildings around campus. Edmonton site students are generally assigned to clinical placements in the city of Edmonton and the greater Edmonton area, but if needed could be placed as far away as 150 kilometres. Students are responsible for their transportation to practice placements and for the costs of travel and accommodations where applicable.

Courses and labs in the Edmonton program will be taken in the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, a new 150,000 square meter building is designed specifically to give students a place for interactive, high-tech collaboration and teamwork. Home to all of the University of Alberta's health science disciplines, Edmonton Clinic Health Academy is designed specifically to teach team-based and patient-centred care.

Course Sequence

  • The number in brackets beside the course name indicates the units of course weight ("credits") for that particular course.
  • Course names that end in "Practice" are clinical placements/experiences done in off-campus healthcare facilities.
  • The most current course descriptions are available on Bear Tracks. If you do not have a UofA Campus Computing ID, you can login to Bear Tracks as a Guest. Each course description also includes the different course components (lecture, lab, tutorial/seminar, clinical). For more information about these different components, please visit the Teaching Methods section of our website.
  • Due to the integrated nature of the coursework, the BScN-After Degree Program is designed to be completed in two years. Application for an extension to the program must be submitted to the Student Advisor. With approval, students have up to three years to complete the requirements for this program. Therefore, it is necessary to undertake full-time studies and it is not possible to complete this program on a part-time basis.

The following course sequences are in effect as of the 2018-2019 academic year:

Course sequence
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
After Degree Program (Edmonton Site as of September 2018)

NURS 200 (★3) Innovation, Systems Thinking & Leadership in Healthcare

NURS 311 (★3) Evidence Informed Nursing Practice

NURS 316 (★3) Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I

NURS 330 (★1) Foundations for Success in Nursing

NURS 334 (★3) Foundations of Nursing I

NURS 335 (★4) Nursing Practice - Health Assessment & Nursing Process

NURS 222 (★3) Indigenous Health in Canada

NURS 344 (★3) Foundations of Nursing II

NURS 345 (★6) Introductory Acute Care Nursing Practice

NURS 416 (★3) Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II

NURS 300 (★3) Health Policy, Health Care Organizations, Change Management

NURS 431 (★3) Advanced Acute Care Nursing Practice I

NURS 433 (★9) - Community Nursing Through the Lifespan OR NURS 437 (★9) Mental Health & Wellness in Nursing


NURS 400 (★3) Leadership in Nursing & Interprofessional Practice

NURS 435 (★3) Advanced Acute Care Nursing Practice II

NURS 437 (★9) Mental Health & Wellness in Nursing OR NURS 433 (★9) - Community Nursing Through the Lifespan

NURS 485 (★12) Nursing Practice in a Focused Area

Note: NURS 485 and NURS 422/425 are offered in both Winter and Spring/Summer terms of Year 2. Students will register in either NURS 485 or NURS 422/425 in each of those terms.

NURS 422 (★3) Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Ethics & Law

NURS 425 (★9) Nursing Leadership in a Focus Area