After Degree Prerequisites

As outlined in the Admission Requirements section of the University Calendar, specific prerequisite courses must be completed in order to be eligible for admission to the BScN-After Degree program.

The Faculty of Nursing offers prerequisite courses through distance learning in Open Studies at the University of Alberta. These courses are delivered online and registration information can be found on Bear Tracks. If you did not complete these courses as part of your first degree, you may complete them through an institution and faculty/program of your choice. U of A alumni may also be able apply as a Special Student to the faculty where they completed their first degree in order to complete these prerequisites. Contact the specific faculty for details.

NOTE: These courses must be completed and transcripts received by the document deadline for the term you are applying for.

Faculty of Nursing Courses

These courses are offered by the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing that could be used to meet prerequisite requirements.

Name Course Credits
Statistics NURS 211 3
Human Anatomy NURS 140 3
Human Physiology NURS 150 3

Other University of Alberta Courses

Listed below are courses offered at the University of Alberta that could be used to meet these prerequisite requirements (other U of A courses may be considered):

Subject Courses Credits
  • Courses with ENGL, ANGL, AUENG, or WRS prefix
  • Courses with STAT, STATQ, or AUSTA prefix
  • NURS 211 B01 (Winter 2021)
  • PSYCO 212 - Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology
  • KIN 109: Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation (note: consent from Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation may be required)
  • SOC 210: Introduction to Social Statistics
  • AUPSY 213: Statistical Methods for Psychological Research
  • MGTSC 312: Probability and Statistics for Business
  • CIV E 290: Civil Engineering Analysis I
Human Anatomy
  • ANAT 200: Human Morphology
  • KIN 100: Human Anatomy (note: consent from Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation may be required)
  • PTHER 350: Structural Human Anatomy
  • AUPED 112: Structural Human Anatomy
Human Physiology
  • Courses with PHYSL prefix
  • KIN 101: Introduction to Human Physiology (note: consent from Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation may be required)
  • AUPED 215: Introduction to Human Physiology I
  • Effective fall 2023 admissions onwards, ZOOL 241/242 will no longer meet the prerequisite requirement for Physiology.
Medical Microbiology
  • MMI 133: Medical Microbiology for Health- Care Professionals
  • AUBIO 274 or 374: Microbiology (note: AUBIO 260: Principles of Genetics is a prerequisite)
  • Combination of MICRB 265: General Microbiology and IMIN 200: Infection and Immunity (both courses required)

List of Select Courses from Other Institutions

This is not a comprehensive list of courses and/or institutions that can meet the above prerequisite requirements. It is provided as a list of some of the possible options available in the Edmonton area. The Alberta Transfer Guide also provides information about the transferability of courses between post-secondary institutions in the province of Alberta. If you have attended an institution outside Alberta and have questions about the prerequisites, contact the Faculty of Nursing.

Institution Courses

Athabasca University

NOTE: Courses at Athabasca University are offered via distance learning.

  • English: ENGL 211, ENGL 212, or ENGL 255
  • Statistics: MATH 215 or MATH 216
  • Human Physiology: BIOL 230
  • Human Anatomy and Human Physiology (6 credits): BIOL 235
  • Medical Microbiology: Effective Fall 2022 admissions onwards, BIOL 325 will no longer meet the prerequisite requirement for Medical Microbiology

MacEwan University

NOTE: MacEwan University offers both on-campus and distance learning courses.

  • English: ENGL 100, ENGL 102, ENGL 103, ENGL 105, or ENGL 108
  • Statistics: STAT 141, STAT 151, SOCI 210, or MGTS 312
  • Human Anatomy: HLSC 120, PEDS 100, or NURS 105
  • Human Physiology: HLSC 126, HLSC 128, PEDS 101, or NURS 108
  • Medical Microbiology: HLSC 124
King's University
  • English: transferable ENGL courses (see Alberta Transfer Guide)
  • Statistics: STAT 300
  • Human Anatomy: BIOL 200, BIOL 207
  • Human Physiology: BIOL 352, BIOL 307
  • Medical Microbiology: not offered at King's University College (BIOL 346 is not accepted unless an acceptable Immunology course from another institution has also been taken)
Concordia University College
  • English: transferable ENG courses (see Alberta Transfer Guide)
  • Statistics: MAT 151
  • Human Anatomy: not offered at Concordia University College (BIO 225 not accepted)
  • Human Physiology: BIO 243
  • Medical Microbiology: not offered at Concordia University College (BIO 265 not accepted)