Research Day 2023

Thank you for another successful Research Day!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Rachel Wang - James Crook Surgical Award - Senior Resident with Superior Surgical Skills 
Rachel Wang - Award for Senior Resident in Laproscopic Surgery - AAGL 
Shauna Regan - Resident Teaching & Leadership Award 
Kate Greeff - National Faculty Award for Excellence in Resident Education - CREOG  
Cassandra Hirt-Walsh - Excellence in Clinical Resident Education - Richard Allan Day Award 
Jorge Mayo - Excellence in Resident Education Mentoring - Nan Okun Teaching Award  
Peter Mitchell - J. Ross Vant Memorial Visiting Lectureship for Department Research Day 
Skye Russell - Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award (Resident) 

Fiza Ali - Best Poster Presentation Award - Classroom A 
Daphne Cheung - Best Poster Presentation Award - Classroom B 
Paulami Chatterjee - Best Poster Presentation Award - Classroom C 
Amanda Almeida De Oliveira - Peter Mitchell Award for Best Overall Oral Presentation 
Ariane Litalien - Best Clinical Oral Presentation 
Wendy Xu - Best Non-Clinical/Academic Oral Presentation 

Jennifer Galdon - Grey Nuns Hospital Award 
Aubrey Uretsky - Misericordia Hospital Award 
Alicia Long - Royal Alexandra Hospital Award 
Allison Edwards - Sturgeon General Hospital Award