Astronomy and Astrophysics

Our research group combines observational, computational and theoretical techniques to explore a wide range of open questions about the physics and properties of stars, galaxies and the Universe, focusing on probing how stars and stellar systems evolve, the properties of and physics behind the most extreme astrophysical objects (neutron stars, black holes, and quasars), and the physics and structure of the Universe on extragalactic scales.

Group members observe with the most technologically advanced telescopes, stretching across the electromagnetic spectrum, including the Canada France Hawaii Telescope (optical), NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (optical) and Chandra X-ray Observatory (X-ray), ESA's XMM-Newton (X-ray) and Planck (microwave) missions, and NRAO's EVLA and VLBA antennae (radio). We perform the latest computer simulations using the extensive high performance computing resources of WestGrid.

Public Outreach