TEXT4WELL-BEING and TEXT4PTSI Supporting mental health and wellness of first responders in Alberta

16 July 2021

Text4PTSI and Text4Well-being Launched

Researchers at the Department of Psychiatry in collaboration with Alberta Health Services and the heroes in mind advocacy and research consortium at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine developed Text4PTSI and Text4Well-being to support first responders in Alberta.

Text4Well-being is a free text messaging support to help build resilience and improve well-being in first responders.
Text4PTSI is a free text messaging to support first responders dealing with post traumatic stress injury symptoms.


To subscribe to TEXT4WELL-BEING: Text “WELLBEING” to: 1-844-990-4343

To subscribe to TEXT4PTSI: Text “PTSI” to: 1-844-990-4343


The Text4PTSI and Text4Well-being programs are funded by the Government of Alberta.