Partnered Projects

The Centre for Healthy Communities works with municipalities, provincial governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector on promoting evidence-based action and strategies to promote health in schools, communities, workplaces and playgrounds.

The Alberta Healthy School Community Wellness Fund (AHSCWF)

This is a joint initiative between the Centre for Healthy Communities, School of Public Health, University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta. The AHSCWF promotes sustainable, healthy school communities across the province by providing facilitated support and grants to Alberta's public, private and francophone school jurisdictions. This approach enhances health and wellness among school-aged children and youth using a Comprehensive School Health (CSH) framework.

Mobile Adventure Playground and Play Charter 'How to' Guides

This project was done in collaboration with the City of Calgary, Alberta Recreation Parks Association (ARPA), and Alberta provincial government partners. The goal was to create 'how to' guides for communities/organizations to create their own Mobile Adventure Playgrounds and Local Play Charters. The how to guides were developed based on the City of Calgary-led initiatives. These guides are being shared across Canada to inspire and provide guidance for other communities/organizations wishing to undertake similar projects in support of children's outdoor, unstructured, and risky play.

The full 'How to Create a Local Play Charter' and 'How to Create a Mobile Adventure Playground' are available on the Alberta Recreation Parks Association website.