Advancing the health, wellbeing and sustainability of communities by addressing root causes of ill health, vulnerability, and inequity.

In the Centre for Healthy Communities, we support communities, of all shapes and sizes (e.g., schools, workplaces, municipalities, organizations, etc.), to achieve their healthiest potential.  We typically work in interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral ways to address complex systems level public health questions.  Our aim is to impact practice and policy across a range of sectors.

We seek to do this by:

  • conducting research and evaluation to offer timely evidence-informed answers to practice or policy questions
  • developing and scaling up tools and interventions
  • harnessing scientific research and experiential practice and community knowledge in evidence reviews
  • using social innovation as well as innovative methodological approaches
  • bringing in experts and knowledge from multiple sectors and disciplines toward capacity building
  • sharing and mobilizing knowledge with diverse stakeholders
  • adopting equity, diversity, and inclusion lenses in all our work
  • working collaboratively to achieve collective impact

These approaches help us to co-create solutions for the ‘real-world’ issues faced by communities. They also allow us to shed light on the root causes that occur outside of the healthcare sector and that impact community health, sustainability, and wellbeing.

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